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Tamil typing is very easy now

Welcome to our website. This tool is a small attempt at helping the next generation to learn and speak the oldest classical language in the world(Tamil). We have provided a tool that can help you with Tanglish to Tamil translate.

We, Tamil people, love to speak and write in our mother tongue as we love our language as our mother. The Tamil type tool provided on this site is a very elegant tool which can be used for office as well as educational purpose.

We love our language, and as a result, our next generation is using Tamil on social media platforms also. As we all know typing Tamil on the generic keyboard is a bit difficult job, because of which we have to depend on Tamil typing software. Our website eliminates this problem of software as the tool provided by us easily translates English into Tamil, and that too at a very fast speed. With our English to Tamil translation tool, you would be able to convert English into Tamil. Our tool is an attempt to promote Tamil and to help our future generation to grasp the Tamil language and to use it in day to day life even on social media platforms.

Our future generation is very active on social media platforms and they are aware of Tanglish( writing our Tamil language with English letter) our tool is a small attempt to help Thamizh people to translate Tanglish to Tamil fonts(Tamil script).

Translating English to Tamil fonts will help people to learn more about Tamil Script and to get familiar with the Tamil language which can be helpful for their educational career.

About Tamil

Tamil is the Longest surviving language in the world, and because of this reason, Tamil people are very proud of the Tamil language. Tamil is a Dravidian language prevalently spoken in Tamilnadu, India, and also in Singapore, Srilanka, Thailand. Tamil is also spoken in parts of Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh. Tamil is a very unique language and because of the variety in Tamil literature it is considered “One of the greatest classical traditions and literature of the world”. Tamil is the first Indian language to be printed and published, Tamil lexicon is the earliest dictionary printed in the Indian language by the university of madras.

According to Hinduism, Tamil or in personification form ThamizhthThaai (mother Tamil is also known as Tamil Thai) was created by Lord Shiva. Murugan, revered as a god in Tamilnadu along with sage Agastya brought it to the people, and thus Tamil as a language was flourished as blessings from lord shiva and Lord Murugan. Nowadays it has become hard for people to learn the Tamil language, as a result, they turn to the internet to learn Tamil script, we provide you with the tool to make your life easy. with our Tamil type tool, you can translate Tamil in English form into proper Tamil script thus making you more confident and comfortable with Tamil fonts and the Tamil language as a whole.

Type in Tamil using your English keyboard

All you have to do is type in the area given above with your English text and enter the spacebar, then your text will be converted to Tamil.

If you think there are any spelling mistakes you can choose from the suggestion box which is provided below the text area. Using this suggestion means your spellings will be 100% accurate. You could easily use this tool with your generic keyboard as well as your mobiles QWERTY keyboard, this tools works perfectly with both keyboards to get your Tanglish to Tamil translate. Our tool provides you with English to Tamil transliteration, this tool is made up using Google.

So how does our Tamil Type Tool work?

You have to type Tamil in English(Roman Script) and then you can either select your converted Tamil script from the suggestion box or by pressing the spacebar.

Thus your Tamil typed in English(Tanglish) is converted easily to Tamil script. With our Tamil type tool we have given you plenty of options such as share on WhatsApp, share on Facebook, share on Twitter, share via Email, Download the file as a .doc file or copy the whole text and use it wherever you want.

If you want to share the text on WhatsApp simply click on the WhatsApp symbol given on our tool after you are completed with your typing. you would be able to share the text with your friends.

If you want to share the text on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter simply click on the respective symbol after you completed your Tanglish to Tamil translate. you would be able to share the text with your friends and family.

With our Tamil type tool, we have given you the option to Save the document as (.doc extension) no other tool provides you this.

Email is the other sharing option provided with our tool, once you are done with your Tanglish to Tamil translate, you can click on the Email button, you can directly send an Email with our Tamil type tool.

The copy is the other option provided in our tool. If you dont want to use any other options you can copy your text to the clipboard by simply clicking the Copy Button.

Basically, our Tamil type tool is a one-stop for all Thamizh people so that they can use our tool for Tanglish to Tamil translate.

So if you liked our tool feel free to share with your Thamizh friends, as it will help us to promote the Tamil language more enthusiastically than ever.

If you are searching for Tamil type, Tanglish to Tamil translate, or Thanglish to Tamil translate on google, our tool is by far the best tool which you can get to complete your work or even better for educational purposes such as learning Tamil script.

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